Wednesday, September 17, 2003

"...and we're back. Thanks for holding. Caller #3, you're up next."

Ah, me. It's just another day in this fine little slice of paradise called Jackson. Whoo-ha.

Those of you familiar with the 'saps will find great humor in this -- the Kava House, the lovely little coffee shop on the first floor of the Student Center is now serving Starbucks (TM) coffee. Yes, Starbucks (TM) coffee. Because, clearly, Starbucks (TM) coffee is superior to all else.

[For those of you with a scorecard -- we've gone from Broadstreet to Millsaps to Starbucks (TM). That's a new food carrier/provider for every year I've been here. "Heavens, what shall they do when I leave," he asks, mocking sincerity obvious to all...]

At any rate, we've got Starbucks (TM) coffee...with the typical Kava House service. I just walked upstairs after spending five minutes waiting for someone to come to the front and actually check me out. -- okay, so I actually walked behind the counter and poured my cups of coffee (I like to share), but would think that with a huge corporation like Starbucks (TM) to provide Starbucks (TM) brand coffee we'd get Starbucks (TM) brand service. But noooo....

Shoulda just gone to the freakin' Caf and gotten yogurt.

Oh -- and I'm now getting notices from friends of mine who live in coastal areas along the east coast that they're either (a) evacuating due to that "hurricane" thing that's coming by, or (b) they're evacuating because -- as in the case of the College of William and Mary -- the whole bloody school is shutting down to evacuate. Godspeed to you, Jack. May your students be bright enough to evacuate. MINE AREN'T.

-- case in point: the last BIG storm we had this summer, when all the sirens are going off on campus, and Campus Safety is having to go into the Writing Center to evacuate it , what do I find? Three drunk little fraternity boys hanging out under a tree. Drinking. Sitting on a blanket. 'Cause they thought it's be cool to watch the storm come in.

Yeah. We have such bright ones here...

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