Monday, September 29, 2003

Good Lord, but some of you people are bloody impatient. "Sonny, where's the latest news?" "Sonny, where's the love gone?" "Sonny, have you seen my shoes?" Forgive me -- sometimes this job thing of mine takes hold and eats away my time.

Like today. It's Monday, ergo, one must contend with the madness of the previous weekend. However, there was no madness. All flash, no crash. Not that I'm COMPLAINING, mind's just that this means I get to spend multiple hours digging through paperwork.

My desk is now clean. -- okay, "clean" is not the best descriptor. It's "free from a lot of random crap being piled on top of it." Better?


It's been very interesting to observe the changing of the interoffice dynamics here since new people arrived. Those who have been here for a while and have done a lot of work [raises hand] now appear to be on the outside looking in. Oh, it's not that I wish I spent multiple hours in meetings, but...

Picture this: you've been working in a certain field, say, higher education administration, for nigh on ten years. You feel that you've done a more-or-less non-utterly-sucky job at it. You've worked at, say, three different institutions. You've been given an increasingly larger number of priorities and assignments. Let's also just hypothetically state that the merest possibility exists that at the current institution you work for, a person or persons who are in a higher position than you have been providing moronically less-than-quality work, and you -- based on who you are and the damnable work ethic you possess -- have, again, hypothetically speaking here, covered the arse of said person or persons above you on MULTIPLE occasions.

-- and yet, somehow, with the changing of the guard, a division line now exists. An almost-visible, almost-tangible "us" (the people on one hallway) versus "them" (the people on the other hallway) mentality. A feeling of how the "uses" are like batteries, and we're interchangeable, no matter who we might be. A cabbage could come in and do as effective a job as you are doing.

Welcome to the "us" -- or rather, "me" -- feeling right now. ...and yes, I can see how this might fly in the face of my earlier posting about Jessica. But, it doesn't. Swear to G-d, if it was not for the RA's, and some of the students here, I'd blow this joint in a heartbeat. People wonder why I put up with this? The "kids." I honestly love the ideals of higher education, and by G-d, I they are the reason I do this, have done this, and will continue to do this. The administrivia is just a bad, bad, by-product of it all. gracious and giving nature can only extend so far. I'm burnt, and burnt badly. I'd like to be appreciated as a professional for a change. Call me mad, but that's my wish. Unless something MIRACULOUS happens in the course of the next few months...

I leave in May. Or June, at the latest.

It's best I leave here before I leave the field.

And you've heard (okay, "read") it here first.

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