Friday, September 19, 2003

Son of a -- well, it appears that America's Single Most Crappy ISP Ever Invented (i.e.: our campus server) has gone wonky again. Ergo, this frees me up a li'l time to provide the Humorous Recap of Sonny & Mike's Excellent Adventure to Hattiesburg to go deal with the hate mongers.

For those of you not in the know (and shame on you if you don't know), this jackass by the name of Fred Phelps (a native Mississippian -- go fig) has taken it upon himself to become God's Instrument of Divine Retribution...against people he finds that are different from him. That would be most of the civilized word, but I digress. Anyway, this charming pinnacle of dickhood was also the dimwit who decided that a protest at the funeral of Matthew Shepard (feel free to visit the memorial site at was something that was clearly in good taste. I've had the opportunity to hear Judy Shepard, Matthew's mom, speak, and it left me feeling like someone had torn my soul out. If wish that I could I have 1/1,000th of that woman's courage and strength. Amazing.

Mike Coogans (-ha!- names have been changed to protect the hip and trendy), the other AD at The College I Work For is on the Equity Mississippi listserv, and he was given notice that the Phelps Phanatics would be staging several protests in the state of Mississippi, both at several churches and at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg., before I proceed, I feel the need to toss out a nice little caveat: despite the beliefs of others, I myself am one of "those others" -- a heterosexual. Yes, I admit it. I dig chicks. I might dress nicely (for the most part), have an odd addiction to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and spend way too much time making sure that my apartment and I both look good, I'm straight, but not narrow. Most of my male friends are indeed gay, but -- good Lord, I'm a single male working in Student Affairs. We're stereotyped. Diogenes couldn't find an honest man, and it's about as difficult to find one of my kind working in Student Affairs. [insert obligatory lamp/flame one-liner here]

THUS ENDS CHAPTER ONE -- for I am hungry and must eat.

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