Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Tonight is the season premiere of Angel. It is in all likelihood the last season of Angel.

I have a bottle of Cabernet sitting at home with David Boreanaz's name on it. Tomorrow, I will probably have an hangover with David Boreanaz's name on it, the bastich.


Okay, we're still nine days away from a full moon, yet the first year students here have decided to go ahead and get all lycanthropic on me.

Last night, I got a call about a cat fight. An honest-to-goodness, hair-tearing, face-scratching, tooth-biting cat fight. Between two women who -- as of two weeks ago -- were ready to declare war on each other. The best part is that when each were asked separately if they wanted to move, they both said "no." They both agreed they'd try to get along.

Yeah. THAT really worked.


...and a shout-out to Lane. What up, yo?

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