Wednesday, November 26, 2003

...ah, Thanksgiving...I get to stay here in the wonderful world of Millsaps until the residence halls close at 3:00 pm. Then, we initiate a room-to-room, building-to-building sweep of all the halls to make sure people are not squatting in their rooms over the break. We HAVE to do this, as the halls close down when the offices are closed, and I have caught people hiding in bathroom stalls and closets before. No joke. Thursday morning, I will begin the trek to Ye Olde Homesteade of Starkville for the EGG BOWL. I get to see my parents and sister (hoo-ha) and we can see if I can make it into the driveway and put my car in park before we all erupt into a skirmish. The day will consist of me trying to explain what I cooked and brought with me (I tend to cook foods that are a WEE bit healthier than my biological relatives are used to), followed by a lengthy debate on why I'm not married, why I'm a heathen, what exactly it is that I do (which, after working in Higher Education for ALMOST TEN YEARS NOW, one would think my parents MIGHT "get it"), and just how much cooler and socially acceptable my jackass kid sister is than I am. It's like a holiday special with the most dysfunctional family imaginable. But, there's a lot of love. It's normally found after my mom gets tipsy from the TWO glasses of wine she'll have. Lightweight...

Thursday night I will drive home, and sit my frazzled ass down back at home and watch the walls for three or four hours, just to de-stress. Friday I may try and fight the moonlight (sorry; I mean "traffic") and go hunting the ever-elusive bargains that strike on Black Friday. -- oh, who'm I kidding? I'll just rent movies and order pizza. Screw the mall. Especially Friday. All I'd do is buy crap for me and then complain about the inbred locals who go to the malls on the Friday after Thanksgiving at 2:00 am just to get that extra 5% off their framed duck prints at Kirkland's.

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