Tuesday, November 25, 2003

So, for the first time in -- oh, over two months -- I have been able to start exercising again. And yes, by exercise, I mean I'm getting back into my Yoga regiment. Why? Well, there're a couple of reasons:

(a) It's the holiday season, and people cook. TOO much. And, with this food that they prepare, they expect me to eat said food. And these heathens do not cook with soy, organic food, or even anything lite or diety. These culinary Nazis use full-fat foods and heavy cream. Ergo, if I want to keep my waistline under 48 inches, I must Yoga-ize;

(b) For the first time since I started having these ******* chemicals injected directly into my noggin, I feel like doing physical things again. Unfortunately, some of the physical activities I would like to engage in, I can not, as I have no monogamous partner in which to engage...playing Trivial Pursuit (gutter minds, the lot of you; I know what you were thinking);

(c) Sadly, it makes me feel good. The idea that I am can stretch myself out on my living room floor and hear and feel the muscles and joints popping and stretching BACK into the shape they were in before I took a sabbatical...well, damn, but it makes me feel good about myself. Plus, it helps with posture; and

(d) I bought all those ******* DVD's, and I'm bloody well going to get my money's worth out of them.

Granted, my stomach, legs, thighs, arms, and back all hurt like hell right now, but I'm sure I'll be all suave and sexy by March.

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