Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I had this really long rant to go on about, but now I'm just tired and want chocolate.


BUT...allow me to just start off by saying that I am now officially financially bereft of any solvency. Millsaps just announced that our insurance rates will go up in January.

By. Twenty-nine. Percent. 29%. Almost a third.

This means also that all co-pays will double, and all prescription refills just (at least) doubled as well. Couple this with the fact that in the three years I have been here, we have gotten one (1) raise...two and a half years ago...of 2%. There have been no cost-of-living increases, and any time that additional duties are assumed, there has been no monetary -- or hell, any -- compensation.

Due to this, I am now going to bring home less money each month than I did when I started here...and I have not added or changed my payroll deductions at all.

Cricket and I are both about to have to start eating dog food.

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