Sunday, December 21, 2003

So, it's been a couple of days. I would lie and say that I've been busy what with my LIFE and all, but that'd be utter crap. I've just been procrastinating. Sue me.


Today, I cleaned my apartment. And we're talking full-on cleaning -- the floors were mopped and waxed; the countertops were all scrubbed; the kitchen sinks are now scrubbed out; the over top got scrubbed clean; lots of dusting on the wood objects was done; laundry -and- dry cleaning taken care of in one fell swoop; and I even cleaned out that second spare junk closet in my bedroom. Now I can see the floor in there. The only thing I neglected to clean was the bathtub. But that's because Cricket will be getting a bath tonight, and I didn't want to clean it before she got cleaned. That would just be, oh, dumb.

The reason I got all Crazy Cleaning Guy is because when I leave here for the holidays, I don't want to come home to dirt. It's weird, yeah, but I'd rather spend a day BEFORE I travel getting everything all nice and shiny than to have to deal with dirt when I return. It's a me thing. I'm kooky like that.


So, while I was cleaning, I decide to drink the coffee a friend gave me for the holidays. However, she made a TERRIBLE faux pas. See, she's known me for almost three years now. She should be well-versed in my coffee drinking habits at this point. However, she bought me the one style of coffee which I don'tt trust: flavored coffee. This whole Hazelnut, Irish Cream, blah blah blah...I don't TRUST flavored coffee, because there are no flavored coffee plants. If I want my coffee to have a chocolate taste, I'll bloody well PUT cocoa in it, thank you very much. Yet, she buys me...Peppermint flavored coffee. Peppermint. --- so, in the spirit of the holiday season, I opt to try it. And Pepperminty is isn't. More like UGH flavored. I never knew that coffe could taste THIS bad, especially coffee that I make. I know the old adage of a poor workman blaming tools and all, but I just really had NO raw materials to go with here.

Therefore, Sonny's gonna have to make a better pot tonight to rid the taste of this putrid java from my memory.

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