Tuesday, January 06, 2004

This is called me NOT doing my work today. All I want to do is take a nap, and then drink cocoa while watching my 24 Season Two Box Set DVD's. And then nap some more. But, since I have to be -- what's that word? Oh, yeah: responsible -- here I am at work, staring at a stack of paperwork.



Many of you have asked about the little cartoons based on my inane prattlings, as supplied by "Mitchell Rowsdower." So, for those of you who have complimented and questioned, here's the skinny on this little punka:

- no, he is not a professional cartoonist [and once he reads that, he will be insufferable. He never lacked for an ego before, but once he knows that people think he doodles for cash, he will be a beastie to live with. Sorry, Alley]

- he and I used to combine our talents (he, as the King of Pictionary, and me, as the wordsmith) on a little comic strip/comic book/graphic novel/thing called Damsel, which started off as an almost parody of the Austin Powers craze [God almighty, does that date us] but -- in true "Pop Will Eat Itself" nature -- the characters soon became these friends in this little fun strip with their own lives and backstories. What became of it? What stopped it? Grad School (on my part), mostly. Something about how since I had to write all intelligent papery-things 24/7, the notion of me sitting down at a keyboard for hours coming up with a fictional world and its backstory made me have involuntary muscle spasms. There are still 2-3 little gems of ideas kicking about in my head, and I -- occassionally -- will sit down and write a sentence or two on them. Mitch & I were planning at one time, way the crap back when we were young, foolish, and had disposable incomes, on publishing the silly thing. Maybe one day we might just get around to doing that. [Alley? Stop drooling, love -- it's unbecoming.]

- he currently lives in Knoxville, TN, where he spends his days, nights, and major religious holidays slavin' away at some freakish "real" job, doing advertisements or something. See, I feel justified in mocking his paycheck, because he knows I am nothing more than a glorified Dorm Mom 99% of the time.

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