Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Goat. Goat tastes good.

-- see, last weekend, I went to the local coffee roastery, and they had this rather large-ish sign up that stated "ASK ME ABOUT MY GOAT." Never one to pass up a perfect opportunity to ask about farm animals, I inquired about said goat.

It turns out that "goat" does not, in fact, refer to any animal which bleats or eats random bits of material lying about. "Goat," in this instance, refers to the fact that the coffee roastery took a lot of miscellaneous coffee beans, tossed 'em together, and roasted them. Amazingly, this hodgepodge of flavors tastes GREAT. So much, in fact, that I bought a pound of goat beans.

Saturday, I made a pot of goat. Now, the thing that I love about the weekend is that once I get up and make coffee, after I settle onto the couch, I could just fall back asleep. I can not do this on the weekdays (like I wanted to today) due to this "employment" problem I have. The sad part of this tale is that after I was all nuzzled and nestled into my big comfy couch, I was ready to just kick back and fall asleep...but there was a half-full pot of coffee still sitting there, ready to be ingested.

When inquired about why I didn't just go to sleep, my response -- without thinking -- was, "What, and sacrifice my goat?"

Heh. Goat.

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