Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Greetings, one and all. Yes, this is an Official Update (TM) from the Sonnster. I apologize that my blog has been -- well -- empty as of late. You see, changing careers, moving, getting set up, going heavily in debt...all these things tend to eat up one's time and energy. And stress. They cause stress. Let's not forget about the stress. Did I mention the stress yet?


Anyway, let's do a quick bullet-point update on the Life of Sonny. Grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage of choice), and get comfy. This might take a minute or two:

- GEORGIA ON MY MIND: you know, aside from the fact that people here don't dress or act like simpletons, one might think one was in Mississippi. Oh, to be sure, there are a few good things about MS (most of these "good things" are undoubtedly reading this at this time), but GA -- has, so far, been a very warm and inviting place. Many might claim that GA is just MS without the negative image, but let's not forget this state was originally settled as a penal colony, 'kay? The people here are very well dressed, polite (to a degree -- MS does win for being more hospitable), and I don't see the typical "Wal-Mart" crowd everywhere I go.

Atlanta, of course, is just damn spectacular. I've only been over there once since moving, but I assure you, many, many, many, many more trips will be in my future. Booyah!

- NOT EXACTLY OLYMPIC: Athens is just...cool. This place screams "college town," and as more than one of my friends have remarked, this is the town I was born to live in. Artsy, folksy, alterna, and just OUT there enough. I really can not explain how at home I feel here. It's almost as if my entire life, my spirit has resided here. I feel renewed, refreshed, and reinvigorated to just be alive. -- and more than one of you [hi, Corrie] will know that it has been YEARS since I have felt this good...about me, about my life, and about the way things are going.

People, I smile more often than not. THAT alone should illustrate the point.

- IT'S PRONOUNCED "UGH-AH:" work continues to confound, amaze, and make me feel a little just...different. This position (Coordinator of Undergraduate Staff Development) is SO totally different from anything else I have ever done professionally that it was a bit jarring at first. This position is FAR more administrative, and far more upper-echelon administrative than I knew. I have two (2) grad students who assist me (one of 'em's a DOCTORAL student; eep! Intimidation issues!), and I have two (2) administrative assistants in the office. Oh, some people might argue that the physical layout of the office was a step down from my prior role; going from a newly constructed office building and into an office located in a residence hall (I JUST BLOODY WELL MOVED OUT OF ONE! ARRGH!!!) might be seen as a lateral move at best by some, but y'know what? It's gonna keep me in the thick of things (where I like to be, given how much I enjoy working with students), and it also makes me feel a little more grown-up due to the fact that I *have* to work all collaborative-like due to the committee-laden approach this place runs on.

However, at the ripe old age of 33, and due to the fact that I *need* to be getting on up that leadership ladder, this position will be great for me. I smell nothing but potential (okay -- and a little fear on my part).

Now begone. I thirst for coffee.

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