Wednesday, August 25, 2004

For some, "Life" IS just a cereal...

The Training Rant is still to come. Until then...

Sadly, I have begun to realize that -- more and more -- I am defining myself through my work, and I think I might just have a nervous breakdown were I forced to actually have a discussion about something in my LIFE that did not reflect back upon, or relate directly to, work. ...not that there's much of anything worth mentioning going ON in my life at the present time...but still. I think I need perspective. I think I need an outlet. I think I need a back massage. [Hey, as long as I got a wish list going on...]

I came to this realization about 15 minutes ago when Jim, my boss, asked me how I was doing, and I babbled something about Housing 12 (the UGA TV station I am in charge of somehow), and evaluations from Training. When he replied with the obvious"That's great -- but how are YOU," I am pretty certain I started stammering and in a desperate ploy to not have silence in the room due to my inability to carry on a conversation like a civilized human being, I gave him a recipe for red beans and rice, or something just as intellectual.

I think maybe I should start updating my resume now...

Oh -- and today is my mom's birthday. Yay.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ice Station Zebra, Signing Out...

Thirteen days straight of working 14+ hours. Every day.

An average of four hours of sleep a night.

An average of one meal a day.

Approximately 200 staff members.

One night. One closing ceremony.

...and they gave me a standing ovation.


Makes every headache, heartache, stress-related headache, and days when I sat in my office near tears worth it. Beyond worth it.

This is why i do the job I do.

Now...all we have to do is survive opening weekend.

Check back next week -- the post-mortem blogging of UGA Residence Life Training begins...soon...