Wednesday, October 06, 2004

T-minus six weeks and counting...

Hoo, boy...

Soon, I will have reached an age that goes past what the historical Jesus was supposed to have reached before His death (and eventual resurrection).

For those of you who have forgotten what ya learnt in Sunday School, Christ lived until the approximate age of 33. I am about to surpass this. This does not make me, my hairline, or my waistline happy. In fact, I'm feeling damn near melancholy.

There are a lot of things on the mind of one Sonny Lemmons these days, boys and girls.

Mayhap I shall share with some. I need to, before I explode...

Monday, October 04, 2004

Oh, sod off -- I've been busy.

So. How're you kids doing?

-- yeah, I realize it's been well over a month since my last posting on this thing. Why? Well, I've been engaged in life. Life in all of its myriad forms. Life in all of its annoyances.

Life in all of its...whatever.

I've been in a lot of meetings.

This of you who know me well understand my disdain for meetings that aren't necessary. Those of you who know me from the days of Millsaps know my annoyance [okay, the proper phrase is "general pissy attitude"] over the fact that Mike & I were left OUT of a lot of important meetings -- the ones that affected aspects of our jobs -- and how we both expressed a desire to be more involved, and to have a greater stakehold in the administration.

Y'know that phrase "be careful what you wish for?" Yeah.

Oh, trust me -- I am intelligent enough to understand that this is the nature of the beast. Larger institutions form standing committees on committees. "Administrivia" is a way of life and a facet of joy for some people.

I'm just about ready to set myself on fire in protest like I'm a freakin' monk from Vietnam.

I am, however, nearing a nice break, whereinwhich I can and will update the old heads (hi, Lane), humor the newbies (hi, Timmy), and start to create this nice amalgam betwixt the leaving of Mississippi (something I oh-so-regret...), and the adventures here in Georgia land.

Until such time as this, however, go do something constructive with your time. Like, eat fruit for health.