Monday, November 22, 2004

Another page is turned...

Ah, me. Life. And all the myriad complexities that come with it. Case in point: my birthday.

So, I'm 34 now. (Geesh, that hurt to type). On November 17, I celebrated the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday.

Now, bear in mind that the last few years have...well, sucked. Those of you who know me -- and know my history -- can and will understand that the location of the last few birthdays (since the big 3-0) as well as the general crappiness in the synchronicity of my life have contributed to me having less-than-good birthdays. And less-than-good years to accompany said birthdays.

However, this year, my 'tude since -- oh, May -- has been that I am in a new town, a new state, and a new place in my life. Rebirth. Renewal. Let my heart sing for a change. Try and enjoy life, and not let my sarcstic mantra be "I am God's ashtray" any longer.

-- and amazingly, I have friends who are willing to help me.

Ashley, one of the Residence Hall Directors here at UGA, arranged a surprise birthday party for me, in a location that holds more nostalgia and pleasant memories than I could express in words here. I could wax on for hours on end about how much it mean, what all it symbolized, how my birthday was nothing but a day of allegories...

But instead, let's just talk about how as the evening went on, the drunken louts around me kept asking how old I was, an Tamara -- an Assistant Area Coordinator here -- kept making me younger. I started off as 34, and by the time she left, she was telling people I was 22.

Now, really. LOOK at that photo to the right. Do I look like a freaking 22-year-old to you? Granted, not a single person believes I *am* the biological age I am (thanks to my acting like a goof most of the time), but 22? I'll give you that I could -- and have -- passed for 27-29, but 22?

It's all about having a young spirit, my friends. That, and a really good facial cleanser. Wash after going to a smoky bar, and you can purge the nicotine, tar, and other sources of bleah straight offa yer face.

...and now I'm just making crap up. I'm going to get coffee....


Oh, and for those of you who know her, Cricket went to the vet for the first time since coming to Athens. Clean bill of health for the little girl. She even made new friends with the other pups there. Gotta love my 11-year-old fuzzball.


Sessie said...

happy birthday, you old fart you :) glad to hear things are going well...did you get my letter? oh, i got bored:

yay for healthy cricket :D


Lara said...

So....I had a dog named Cricket.

(Glad you had a good birthday). :)