Friday, November 19, 2004

Procrastination as an art form


I'm looking at the massively large stack of...things...on my desk, and wondering where to start.
  • I've got to finalize the print ads for Recruitment and Selection;
  • I've got to craft the new draft of the posters for R&S;
  • I've got to go through the new applications we got in last night;
  • I've got to email people about hires for the Spring 2005 semester;
  • I've got to locate a room to teach ECHD 3010 in next semester;
  • I've got to balance my checkbook;
  • I've got to work on a new draft of the schedule for Winter Training in January;
  • I've got to figure out the movie rotation for Housing 12 for the next two weeks; and
  • I've got to try and remember where I put my breath mints. They're those neat little "Ice Breakers," and I mistakenly referred to them as my "little blue pills" one time to a certain individual who took it upon herself to get this demented twinkle in her eye and begin telling everyone I was taking Viagra. Regardless of the rantings of this heinous sarcastic she-beastie, they're good. And I miss them.

So. The first thing I'm going to do?

Go to Jittery Joe's for fuel. I'm so predictable...

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