Monday, December 20, 2004

Tis the season

Yep. I own this CD.

And I'm bloody proud of it, too. -- see, I said I OWN it. Not once did I claim to actually listen to the silly thing.

Friday, December 10, 2004


The clock is ticking...DC COUNTDOWN. An 80-page special for only $1.00.

Written by Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Judd Winnick. Art by Ed Benes, Phil Jiminez, Rags Morales, Ivan Reis, and Jesus Saiz. Cover by Jim Lee and Alex Ross.

Or, for the alternate cover...

Yep. I'm a geek.

Monday, December 06, 2004

"Oh! F*ck wank bugger sh*tting arse head and hole!"

Five points to whoever gets the movie reference...

Yeah -- so, I survived a near-death experience in an automobile, only to spend two days shopping for gifts for friends and family (and pretty much all I bought was a sweater and some coffee for me), only to watch Auburn almost blow the SEC Championship, only to discover...

...I'm getting sick. I think I'm coming down with that change-of-the-weather crud/flu that everyone gets.

Crap. It means (a) my sinus cavities are opening and draining, meaning a LOT of airflow comes into my nose, drying out my throat. Bloody good thing I don't have to, oh, TALK at Interest Sessions for the next day or so..., and (b) I get to take drugs, slowing me down, and making my reaction time on important things -- like work -- worse than it already is.

I just want to go homer and watch Marx Brothers movies now. Good thing I don't have to be at work until 8:00 tonight. OH. WAIT. THAT'S RIGHT. *sigh*

(This, kiddies, is a rant. A small one, but that ol' vim, vigor, and pissy attitude is rearing its ugly head.)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Heaven in a cup

After dealing with a 2.5 hour meeting with the BIG DOGS in Housing...followed by a meeting with my physician (bastard claims he's found something new and exciting wrong with me), I decided I needed to unwind a bit. And, since I can't -- legally -- drink at work, I opt to go to Jittery Joe's, the locally-owned crack hut (translation: coffee).

White chocolate mocha, double shot of espresso, with a shot of raspberry syrup.

Problems? Wha'problems? I'mdrinkin'coffeesillypeople...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Coffee bar's to the left, and the muffin tray is over there


I see that I have guests. Welcome.

To all of you who are stopping by from Lara's site, please excuse the mess. It's been a while since I've cleaned up, and there are random postings still scattered about.

To the regulars, be nice. Don't scare the nice Lara away. This means YOU, Ordoyne. :)

But for the uninitiated, here's the simple FAQ on the site:
  • Yes, the name of the site is in reference to a song -- and an album -- from the choir. My history with Derri & Steve is far too complex to go into in this little diatribe. And yes, I did have hair akin to Derri's once upon a time...ah, bangs. How I miss thee...
  • Yes, I am a single, white, heterosexual male working in student affairs. I'm waiting on National Geographic to come by any day now to start filming a documentary on me due to the rarity of my species.
  • Yes, at times, the humor is self-defeatist. That's my defense mechanism. That's also my unfortunate reality: I get pooped upon a lot of times. Sad.

So, welcome to the Rantings. They will get funnier. Promise.

Oh --and hi, Ash. Enjoying the readings? Have I mentioned lately how much I love you? Please don't hit me...