Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Coffee bar's to the left, and the muffin tray is over there


I see that I have guests. Welcome.

To all of you who are stopping by from Lara's site, please excuse the mess. It's been a while since I've cleaned up, and there are random postings still scattered about.

To the regulars, be nice. Don't scare the nice Lara away. This means YOU, Ordoyne. :)

But for the uninitiated, here's the simple FAQ on the site:
  • Yes, the name of the site is in reference to a song -- and an album -- from the choir. My history with Derri & Steve is far too complex to go into in this little diatribe. And yes, I did have hair akin to Derri's once upon a time...ah, bangs. How I miss thee...
  • Yes, I am a single, white, heterosexual male working in student affairs. I'm waiting on National Geographic to come by any day now to start filming a documentary on me due to the rarity of my species.
  • Yes, at times, the humor is self-defeatist. That's my defense mechanism. That's also my unfortunate reality: I get pooped upon a lot of times. Sad.

So, welcome to the Rantings. They will get funnier. Promise.

Oh --and hi, Ash. Enjoying the readings? Have I mentioned lately how much I love you? Please don't hit me...


Lara said...

Forget about a recent picture, I want one of the hair. ;)

Sessie said...

Pfft. *runs around shrieking the "Happy Tree Friends" theme, just to spite you*



Anonymous said...


Right in the kisser!!..but I love you too. :)