Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The passing of THE SPIRIT...

More information can be found at Newsarama

Legendary comics and graphic novel artist and writer Will Eisner died last night, Monday, January 3, 2005, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the age of 87, following complications from quadruple heart bypass surgery.

Will Eisner didn't create Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or even Archie and Jughead. Some comic book fans may scratch their heads when asked to describe his work. But every artist and writer in comic books, as well as graphic artists across the entire spectrum of modern illustration, television and film, owes a debt to him.

In 1941, Eisner created a goofball detective named Denny Colt who died (not really) and was reborn as "The Spirit," the cemetery-dwelling protector of the public - and pretty girls in particular. The Spirit possessed no superpowers. He couldn ' t see through his girlfriend ' s clothing the way a curious alien like the Man of Steel might scientifically investigate Lois Lane. And he wasn't a brilliant technologist like Batman, imagineering hokey gadgets and psychedelic compounds for all-night parties with the Joker.


Lara said...

Oh....I sent you that email that mentioned this before I saw your blog... Not that I thought I was giving you new news, but I really did think of you when I read it elsewhere (I have an ex-boyfriend that was a real comic-book fan, and still read his bloggy-blog-thing).

Sounds like he lived a long, full life though. Sorry you never got to meet him.

Peace. :)

Anonymous said...

I did the same, sent you an e-mail without reading the blog.

The Comic Book World is a little bit sadder now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sonny!
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and are having a Happy New Year! I'm about to head back to Millsaps for our...SPRING RA Training. I guess we learn new stuff in the spring? Riiight.
Anyways, I miss you lots and I hope you are doing well.