Thursday, February 24, 2005

Everything old's still old, but kinda new, too.

Okay -- I have been on a MAJOR nostalgia kick as of late.

I think it all started this past Sunday. See, after filling out my tax forms (along with the requisite weepeing and gnashing of teeth), I decided to arrange my CD collection. The CD collection that had gotten rather mucked up after an entire semester of me just pulling CD's out to take to work or the car to listen to, and then my neglecting to return them to their appropriate place.

I also blame my current reading of The Art of Being as part of my looking upwards and thinking "Wow -- whatever DID happen to XXX singer?"

This has culminated with me sitting at work listening to Tonio K's Notes from the Lost Civilizaton, one of only about six albums ever released on the What? Record label (Word Records' ill-fated attempt to be cutting 1986), and one of my favorite albums of my high school days. Mostly because I couldn't quite figure out why the hell I thought this album was so cool -- it just WAS! Oh, to be sure, there are still CD's from this era in my life that matter more to me than I can express: Sam/Leslie Phillips' The Turning; Russ Taff's self-titled album; and anything ever recorded by the choir (including the CD from where the name o' my page stems from).

By the way -- the choir has a new CD coming out soon. It's official. I am so old that everything *I* enjoyed as a child or in my teens is coming back in vogue. Seriously! There are -- sadly/frighteningly -- new CD's out from David Meece, Petra, and Ashley Cleveland. If or when DeGarmo & Key or freakin' Crumbacher decide to have a reunion tour...please shoot me.]

[Hey, Wooley -- feelin' old yet?]

Now, all of this has traipsing down memory lane has led me to find what is quite possibly one of the neatest -- and scariest -- albums I have encountered in some time. A tribute album. Now, in my musical experiences, there have been some hits, and some really bad misses. This one?

It's called Full Circle, and it's a 20-year retrospective on the career of one Charlie Peacock. Not too bad, except I remember buying his debut cassette.


-- of course, the album does off a who's who (of sorts) of excellent musicians: Jimmy Abegg; Brent Bourgeois; BELA FREAKIN' FLECK (who plays a duet with Phil Keaggy); Sara Groves; Out of the Grey; Mike Roe (of 77's fame); Sixpence None the Richer; STEVE FREAKIN' TAYLOR...

Hoo. Pass the Geritol. I gots ta start dancin'.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sonny,

This is Dawn-Wisner Johnson from Crumbacher. So get out your gun, we are doing a reunion gig with Undercover, Altar Boys, The Choir and 441 at Mariners Church in Irvine, August 19, 2005. Go to - for more information. The site has just gone up and will be rockin soon. It IS amazing to me also that it has been 20 years. Hope to see you there