Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Passing the musical baton...

So. I got passed this musical baton thing yesterday by my good friend Lara (hi, love), and now I suppose I have to actually post something to this freakin' website.


Amount of music on your computer?
Currently, I have about 1700 songs on my computer, many of which I will be dumping soon because (a) I saved them for a project here on campus that I no longer need, and (b) dude, that number's just embarrassing.

Currently listening to?
O How the Mighty Have Fallen by
the choir.

Five songs that mean a lot to you?
"Chase the Kangaroo," the choir -- not only is this the song that inspired the name of my little blog-thing, but it also just speaks to me on levels I can't communicate through words. "If Sydney is my destiny, I guess I'll dig until I die." It's one of those songs that just reminds me to chase my dreams.

"Where the Streets Have No Name," U2 -- okay, before anyone starts chanting "Lame," "Typical," or "Cliched" -- I challenge you to listen to those opening chords, remember seeing them in concert (if you have, like I have), and not get chill bumps. Plus, The Joshua Tree came out when I was in high school (shut up), and it still remains one of the best albums ever.

"Smells Like Nirvana," Weird Al Yankovic -- I will admit it: I saw Nirvana in concert. I was a flannel-wearing, attitude-toting, angry Gex-Xer (and still am) back in the day. ..and then came this song... The first time I saw it on MTV, I literally fell off my couch because I was laughing so hard. This song really hit me between the eyes and reminded me that this was just music. Life-changing, soul-shaking, but I wasn't supposed to take it THAT seriously. If you can't laugh at yourself, then you're taking life too darn seriously.

"Low," the violet burning -- one of those songs that if you're depressed will put you right over the edge and straight into the realm of a good, hard cry. "Do you feel lower than angels?" Admittedly, "The Song of the Harlot" hits a LOT harder (and anyone who is a Christian can NOT hear this song and not feel their soul break), and probably would have found its way on to this list if the violets would just record a new version that wasn't so musically dated. :)

"Treasure of the Broken Land," Mark Heard -- be it the original version or the cover by Chagall Guevara..."Nobody gets the second chance to be the friend that they meant to be."

Top five albums?
Chagall Guevara,
Chagall Guevara -- musically not that inspired, but probably some of the best lyrics I've ever heard. Ever. And I'll fight you on that. "Violent Blue?" "Murder in the Big House?" Play these bad boys at top volume in your car, and scream while you sing with the windows down and/or top down.

Good Dog Bad Dog, Over the Rhine -- haunting. Honest. This album bleeds truth. "Latter Days" should be included in my top songs, but -- eh. They do it better live than recorded.

The Turning, Leslie (Sam) Phillips -- moody, intense, and just flat-out brilliant.

Welcome to Struggleville, Vigilantes of Love -- perfect timing for this album in my life. Don't ask why, just accept that it's beyond perfectly synchronistic.

March, Michael Penn -- at's some good music, no? And what IF I were Heathcliff?

Last album bought?
Mmhmm, Relient K -- fun, odd, and "More Than Useless" is now my personal mantra.

Recent discoveries?
Musically? Sadly, nothing -- I am going to buy the AthFest compilation CD soon. Buncha funky locals who might just inspire my goofy self.

And now -- I pass on the baton. Tim Parsons? Juice? Wooley? Lane? Ashley? Scott?

Bring it.


Anonymous said...

oh i will bring it...if you can handle it, but i do need a few days to think about my answers.

i don't want to be careless with this. people get seriously judged by their musical tastes.

i'll get back to you.

How the heck are you though!??!!


Anonymous said...

Amount of music on your computer?
Stolen or purchased? Tough one...combined probably 1500 give or take. Just bought the significant other a ipod so the number is growing quick.

Currently listening to?
Twentysomething by Jaime Cullum

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

"Lover, you should have come over" by Jeff Buckley: I get goosebumps even 10yrs later

"St. Patricks Day" by John Mayer: I find this song really clever

"Hurt" by Johnny Cash/NIN: The man in black doing NIN...'nuff said

"Rebecca" by Ashley Cleveland: Didn't get it until I had daughters, now it makes me cry like a baby

"Prince of Darkness" by the Indigo Girls..This song kicked off my early 20s

Top five albums?

Not in order...

1. Grace: Jeff Buckley
2. BigTown: Ashley Cleveland
3. Twentysomething: Jaime Cullum
4. Fat City: Shawn Colvin
5. Joshua Judges Ruth: Lyle Lovette

Last album bought?
Pearl Jam Greatest Hits....This album makes me rock like I have hair!

Recent discoveries?
That Sonnys earing makes him look like an extra in Pirates of the Carribean 2..arrrrghhh!

Rock on....Wooley