Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sonny with a high of 75

Yeesh -- so, in preparation for the upcoming camp where I will be next week (Summit 2005 at Covenant College; read all about it here), today I went to see my sadistic physician to make sure I am of the proper medical status to go hang out with screaming lunatic teenagers. And no, I ain't admitting what all I'm on, or what's medcially wrong with me. You heathens may just break into my house to steal something to get high off of or to expedite my dying on the off chance I leave you something nice in my will. So, after dealing with the creatures who gleefully jab me with needles to drain blood -- and, surprisingly, don't enjoy me calling them "Lestat" -- whom other people call "nurses," I run to the local pharmacy to get a refill on three prescriptions.

Drugs don't kill; they drain. Your checkbook.


Bought my tix for the IMAX viewing of Batman Begins on Saturday. Something about a 6,000 foot high Katie Holmes appeals to me somehow. If for nothing more than the sheer lunacy of the idea...

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Anonymous said...


Lookout Mountain is gorgeous. Love that place.

Katie Holmes....I bet if you asked nicely, she'd drop that Cruise guy for you. (But now she's into all that weird scientology stuff....might not be your type). :)