Thursday, September 01, 2005

...and now I'm crying...

One of my former RA's -- probably one of only about three I give a sizeable crap about and would lay down my life for -- just got in touch with me. She's from New Orleans, and...thank God...she and her mom are safe.

To any and all former Millsapians reading this: Jessica Ordoyne is safe. Please pass the word along.

I swear. I'm crying. I'm just happy beyond measure this woman is safe and sound. I'm still leeching on to Em and not letting go, though.

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Anonymous said...

*waves* Yup, I'm here, and now all happy and stuff 'cause somebody out there actually cares. Yee, and such. :o)

(oh, and I now have a...dun dun dunnnnn...CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION! ::happy dance::)