Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last night, I filled up my car for $2.93 a gallon. Two hours earlier, the same place had been $2.73 a gallon. Sunday, it was $2.48 a gallon at this same station. This morning? Same place, $3.39 a gallon. And rising.

Here in GA, I've heard reports of -- no lie -- gas being $5.88 a gallon in places, and people are STILL continuing to buy it.My parents live in Tupelo (MS), and my mom told me that the majority of the gas station have placed tarps or garbage bags over the pumps, shutting them down and not allowing people to purchase gas -- and 45 minutes away in Oxford (MS), only emergency or state vehices can purchase gasoline. Individuals can purchase only "in case of an emergency."

I'm afraid I'll see $5 a gallon for regular before the end of the MONTH, let alone by the end of the year...


I don't live in Mississippi -- any more -- but...I can't cut on a television set without seeing something, seeing someplace that I spent multiple hours in, have good (and bad) memories about...and now these places are all gone.

Good God. The sight...the mere THOUGHT of New Orleans alone is just...I'm not sure if I should cry, scream, vomit...

I've been harping this on a lot of message boards I frequent, so forgive and indulge me for a moment -- please. Please, please, please, please. Consider donating time, money, blood, prayers...this weekend, consider volunteering at a Red Cross shelter in your area, packing up supplies to be sent to the Coast. Consider getting your local church or volunteer organization to join in with others to support the efforts to clean up down there.

Millions of lives -- not thousands; millions -- have been affected by this, and we're just now feeling the first wave of ripples to come from it. The loss of life, the loss of culture, and the loss of property from this is simply too much to be able to comprehend.

I have friends, students, and family members I have not heard from, all of whom live in areas that are reportedly still under water. They may be dead for all I know. I'm steeling my nerves for if I do find out that they are. Thankfully, I heard from someone today and I swear, I thought I was going to cry the whole time we were on the phone together. Emily: I'm not joking. The next time I see you, I am NOT letting go.

So, again: please. Consider doing whatever you can for the people still trapped there, the people who have left and will not have anything to return t, and for those of us taking them in.

Thanks for allowing me a minute on my soapbox.

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Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of you, friend.

We are so detached out here... it's so disheartening... life just going on like normal, when so many others are without anything. People bitching about gas prices when they should be thankful to still have their cars, let alone their houses. It pisses me off.

Much love to you and your family and friends.