Friday, October 28, 2005

Mansion * Apartment * Shack * House

Remember the MASH game you used to play when you were in, like, elementary school? M*A*S*H? Not a game based off of the movie and TV show of the same name, but the one where you list five items in each category, and then you --

Oh, nevermind. here. Go play it for yourself and re-live the days of your childhood.


You will live in a House.
You will drive a Red Passat.
You will marry Ashley and have 2 kids.
You will be a college professor in Seattle.

I offer no explaination for this

Yes. That is me. This past Wednesday night. And that'd all the info you're getting, pooka.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Random thoughts from a vagabond heart

  • I am still recovering from Catalyst -- which was, in essence, a leadership conference. A Chrisitian leadership conference. Don Miller, Erwin McManus, Malcom Gladwell...lots of quality info was given out for free. As were a crapload of CD's, DVD's and books. I think the think that freaked me out the most -- or made my heart skip a beat in joy; it's conflicting right now -- was when Sheryl, the Administrative Assistant at Compass, looked at me and called me a leader at Compass. ...which is NOT something I have EVER considered myself. But it's true -- I am a leader. I lead a College and Singles Ministry. I teach a class on Sunday mornings for High School kids. I volunteer to help build stuff at church. I act in skits. I lead a small group for high school kids on Wednesday nights. I work with elementary age kids in KidMo and KidZu. I spend anywhere from 10-20 hours a week at Compass, serving. Leading. Freaky. And comforting. I think I may just pass out.

  • I recently learned that my advisor from graduate school -- Ed Grandpre -- was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. The tumor is too large to remove, and it's spread to his liver. I'm really not able to express my feelings right now so...just keep him and his family in your thoughts, okay?

  • Last week, I got to spend about three hours with my old roommate from college, Kenny Anthony. We met up at the Atlanta airport, because he's on leave from Iraq for 15 days. I hadn't seen him in...years...and yet there we were, actiing like little kids all over again. It's good to have that memory, in light of what i just typed above.