Friday, October 28, 2005

Mansion * Apartment * Shack * House

Remember the MASH game you used to play when you were in, like, elementary school? M*A*S*H? Not a game based off of the movie and TV show of the same name, but the one where you list five items in each category, and then you --

Oh, nevermind. here. Go play it for yourself and re-live the days of your childhood.


You will live in a House.
You will drive a Red Passat.
You will marry Ashley and have 2 kids.
You will be a college professor in Seattle.


Sessie said...

Okay, that's just weird...I swear, I came across this exact website earlier today through StumbleUpon. Great minds, or something...

Anonymous said...

Except I can't even come up with 5 options in each category. Wasn't always your friends job to pick good and bad things for you so your projected life would be full of pain AND glee?

Anonymous said...

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