Thursday, November 17, 2005


Thirty-five. Within shouting distance of 40. why do I still feel like I'm 26-28 in my heart, but I've got the wisdom and maturity of someone my biological age?


Last night The 706 was...amazing. First off, we had a major kick-arse concert by Matt Papa, dovetailing into the end of a three-week study Bryan Rose was doing on worship for the kids.

The evening started with me almost wrecking my car while driving to Compass, because I was just the sight of the full moon shining so brightly that clouds did not dare try to come near it. The night sky didn't look real; it looked to perfect for this world, like I expected it to be some kinda funky CGI thing and that I was driving into a blue screen.

It continued with me sitting back and just watching a number of the kids just worship God, feeling His presence settling in on them, and being moved by the Spirit. Not being ashamed or self-conscious, but allowing themselves to celebrate a series of heartbeats, that moment where just they and He connected, where the rest of the world dropped away and it's just the two of them, together as Father and child, with nothing else or no one else mattering at that moment.

It ended with my best friend -- Ashley -- bringing out a birthday cake that would have made JRR Tolkien smile: a chocolate cake with yellow icing, designed to look like The One Ring, with -- no kidding -- the actual authentic script written on the cake. I'm just big enough of a dork to have been able to read it and know that she did a great job of translating it into chocolate

It ended with love. I cried. Sitting there, against the back wall of the theater, watching those kids...I cried. There have been no less than about five times in the last month to six weeks where I have just sat and cried tears of joy over something beautiful that God has hit me between the eyes with -- be it reading a passage in a book (CURSE YOU, DONALD MILLER! YOU MAKE ME EMOTIONAL!!!), looking at the sky, or just seeing those kids last night, and feeling so blessed that I have been there with them on part of their journey...not a feeling out of pride, but almost back-crushing humility, knowing that God is using me -- the flawed, faulty, scarred and scared dirty little vessel that I am.

Oh -- and the fact that I'm over twice the age of these kids? Don't really give a crap. To me, I'm just a big kid at heart, anyway.

Today, on my actual "real" birthday, I'll probably get lots of phone calls and emails from friends wishing me well, but last night?

Last night I got to celebrate with my family.

It was something I'll never forget. -- unless my memory starts to fade, because I *am* getting older, y'know. :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Shovel go deep, heart be true...

When I was driving to work this morning, I was greeted with the most amazing sight.

It was a pure, true fall morning this Monday: the sun was absolutely clear and un-obstructed; there was a haze of a ring around the outline of the sun, that lent to it blinding me as I was headed towards it on the road -- but I could not turn my eyes from it. I was visually drawn to the majesty and power that was set before my eyes.

The clouds were above the sun, laid out in an almost perfect parallel line to the horizon. The clouds seemed to be as one thick mass of a shroud, threatening to cover the sun and filter its light, so as to give November a more bleary feel.

But the sun would not allow it; its sheer power and dominance in the sky kept anything from encroaching on its radiance. The horizon, the sky itself was amazingly broad in scope...there was nothing -- nothing -- in the skyline to compete or contest its presence. No buildings, no birds, no planes...

Just beauty, nature in its purest, as God intended. If only it was not going to be 75 degrees today, it'd be ideal. *sigh*

Monday, November 07, 2005

A bad case of the Mondays

Figures that for my 200th post I'd sound all pissy-like...

Today has gone exponentially downhill. I'm fairly expecting to either be hit by a meteorite that's going to crash through my car windshield, or I'm going to get trampled by a herd of migrating emus sometime tonight.

Maybe I should go back and read some of my happier posts. ...yeah. Good idea...

Pimp My Me

You know -- I never really give myself props up for a lotta stuff. And it's not that I'm even going to go so far as to say "ooh -- look at the cool me" by plugging this...because, really, Bryan Rose edited it to make it where I didn't sound like a total idiot. I shot this video after having been sniffing glue for a few hours. (..."sniffing glue" because we were slapping paper-mache on five nine-foot tall letters covered in chicken wire -- letters spelling C-R-A-Z-Y, appropriately enough)

But...for those of you who know that I do work with the high school kids at my church on Wednesday nights (as well as, oh, at least five other nights a week)....this. This will explain a little bit of my passion.

And, yeah, we call it "The 706." That's because it's not only the time we start, but it's also the area code. Catchy, no?


So. Applications to apply to be an RA for 2006-2007 are now on-line. The application website's been live sicne 8:00 am on Friday (11/4).

We have 150 applicants so far.

I need asprin.