Monday, November 14, 2005

Shovel go deep, heart be true...

When I was driving to work this morning, I was greeted with the most amazing sight.

It was a pure, true fall morning this Monday: the sun was absolutely clear and un-obstructed; there was a haze of a ring around the outline of the sun, that lent to it blinding me as I was headed towards it on the road -- but I could not turn my eyes from it. I was visually drawn to the majesty and power that was set before my eyes.

The clouds were above the sun, laid out in an almost perfect parallel line to the horizon. The clouds seemed to be as one thick mass of a shroud, threatening to cover the sun and filter its light, so as to give November a more bleary feel.

But the sun would not allow it; its sheer power and dominance in the sky kept anything from encroaching on its radiance. The horizon, the sky itself was amazingly broad in scope...there was nothing -- nothing -- in the skyline to compete or contest its presence. No buildings, no birds, no planes...

Just beauty, nature in its purest, as God intended. If only it was not going to be 75 degrees today, it'd be ideal. *sigh*

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