Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cue the music...

"Extraordinary Excellence."

This was the topic of the talk that Jim gave this past week at my church here in Athens. Excellence. Extraordinary excellence. How we are to -- naturally -- give our best, our all to God, and for Him and His work here on earth.

JIm gave the illustration of how he wanted to come out on stage and play drums -- but we wouldn't let him. How we knew that even though he had the passion to do so, the drive to want to...he wasn't gifetd in that area. And how many times do we -- or, for me, did we, growing up in a traditional church -- allow people to sing, to teach, to lead when they're just not that good, but we feel that God can use them and honor their attempt. That we can just let the Spirit move and that if we do something with half the ability, God will take care of the rest.

-- well, yeah. He does work miracles and all that jazz, and I would NEVER tell someone that they weren't going to be honored by God for their efforts. Amd yes, I'm torn, because I know that Gd expects us to give our best, and sometimes our personal best might not measure up to the best-best that there is (say, comparing my guitar skills to Phil Keaggy for instance), but still...God can honor and does us it.

It's the American Idol theory: We feel we're just that good. But in reality, when you loook at getting the best, we might not measure up.

So, clearly, this has led to hours and days of self-doubt, self-reflection, and worry in me: do I measure up? Do I have what it takes? Am I good enough?

Rob Bell has written an incredible book called Vevet Elvis, and in it, he talks about God's ability to call -- and use -- the not-quite-good-enoughs. That gives me hope that maybe I can be used.

-- I'm just rambling now. I need to take a break...

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