Thursday, March 08, 2007

Batman and love. Yeah.

As requested by...absolutely no one! are my notes from last night's 706 (3-7-07). And if you don't knwo what the 706 is, don't worry. It just means you're not nearly as cool as you think you are:



Batman Begins clip – Bruce Wayne in cell

1. We’ve talked about sex, why sex outside of marriage isn’t what God intended, about the forms of love and how we are to show love – raya, ahava, dod – all talked about love, but what is love, and how does it tie into Batman?

2. Anyone remember the Sprite commercial “Image is Everything?” Never understood why Sprite would choose that. It’s Sprite: 0 calories, 0 caffeine, it’s just this clear, bubbly, flavored water. It’s what you drink when you get sick. It’s okay, but it’s just...Sprite.

3. But that was the beauty and genius of the campaign – they took this bland drink everyone knew OF, and made it into something that everyone knew ABOUT. Gave it an edge. Made it “cool.”

4. Kind of love how love/sex has been “made over” in life. Every person in this room knows what sex is. If I say the word “boobs,” the girls will laugh because you think that’s what boys think about 90% of the time, and guys will laugh because I said the word “boobs.”

5. Isn’t what happened with Sprite what’s happened with love/sex on TV, movies, songs, etc.? Whereas Sprite really didn’t have a function, love/sex does. I Corinthians 12:31the most excellent way.

6. And b/c we’ve taken this mysterious, sacred thing & cheapened it in so many ways, everyone “knows about it.” Or rather, they think they do.

7. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t talk about sex, love, or any aspects of them – we shouldn’t be afraid to openly and honestly discuss it, but we should honor and respect the gift of it.

I Corinthians 14:1Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it—because it does. Give yourselves to the gifts God gives you.

8. That’s why there’s no clip, no song lyric re: love/sex is needed. You’re inundated with the imagery day in and day out.

Genesis 1:26God spoke: "Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature.”

9. Time to show you a little bit of the REAL Sonny. [open travel bag, pull out all contents]

10. These products are what I use on an almost-daily basis. Why? To look good. This is what I use/put on the outside.

11. Will I still use all this junk after I’m married? Yes. I will still use deodorant. Not because I need to make myself look good for Ashley so she’ll love me, but because I love her.

12. Why are we drawn to tabloids that show images of celebs in untouched photos? B/c we want to think “they look like me.” We connect with that. Something that’s more REAL than what’s shown on the screen

13. But so many times we want our love to be perfect, to be flawless. How many of you have remarked about/see the person you’re dating at the start of your relationship as “just perfect.”

14. Back to Batman – we didn’t watch the clip b/c I want you to all get capes and cowls and go fight crime. You know his story: lost parents, swallowed in anger, and in that scene, you learn he’d lost himself. “You have become truly lost.” How he needed to devote himself to something bigger.

15. Donald Miller: “And so I have come to understand that strength, inner strength, comes from receiving love as much as it comes from giving it. I think apart from the idea that I am a sinner and God forgives me, this is the greatest lesson I have ever learned. When you get it, it changes you.”

16. Even more REAL: on Thursdays, we (the leaders) sit down and go over what happened at the 706 the night before. What we planned that didn’t work, what we could’ve done better – things that none of you see.

17. In fact, many of you wouldn’t care about any mistakes we make. You’re here out of love (or just morbid curiosity) – you’re acting as God acts towards us – you don’t see the faults and cracks that we see.

18. You see us, people you love. God sees us, people He loves, and never our mistakes. Never our flaws. Genesis 1:26.

Matthew 10:8Freely you have received, freely give.

19. Dod – there are mistakes we’ve all made in the name of love. Physical love. Some of the hardest areas we have to let go of, because this is who we are. The inside, not the outside.

20. Raya. Ahava. Dod. Interconnected.

21. But we don’t have to let these mistakes define us. We might be in a prison – like Bruce Wayne – of our own choosing, here by choice. We might feel truly lost.

22. Genesis 1:26 – we reflect the nature of God. And I John 4:8 – God is love.

23. So just know this – you are known BY love.

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