Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grace VS Judgment - David VS Goliath - Cotton VS Bryan

706 NOTES – 5-16-07: THE STORY OF YOU, Week Nine Point Five

1. Last week – story of Amy/Josh – you don’t know how cool it is that all this stuff just synchs up – the key to all of what they were talking about last week was grace.

2. Don’t know how many of you read the “homework” given out – but we’re going to jump into the story now.

I Samuel 17: 1, 4-11

3. This story, like most in the Bible, has a lot more going on than just what you see on the surface. On the surface, we’ll see one story, but there is something much cooler going on that’s the next layer that enhances this story.

4. Why were the Philistines coming to fight? Basically, Israel (David’s people) had been at war with them, and Israel had wiped the floor with them. So they were coming for payback.

5. We find that Goliath had clothed/armed himself in brass. Throughout the Bible, brass is used as a symbol of judgment. Basically then, Goliath has clothed or armored himself in judgment.

I Samuel 17:16Each morning and evening for forty days, Goliath took his stand and made his speech.

6. David found out that this guy was defaming the name of God, that he was defiling everything that he stood for, while everyone around him was just…standing.

7. One person against an army. Ever felt like that? Like you stand alone?

8. Harkens back to the ST& series – where we talked about the stuff we are to stand for and stand against.

9. Saul (the king) agrees to let David fight Goliath. The person in charge defers to someone else.

10. But first, he gives him his OWN armor, made of brass.

I Samuel 17:38-39Then Saul outfitted David as a soldier in armor. He put his bronze helmet on his head and belted his sword on him over the armor. David tried to walk but he could hardly budge.

11. David tries it on, but says basically “this doesn’t fit me.” (PICTURE ONE)

12. How many times have we been asked to try and fit something in our lives that doesn’t fit? Go the mall, find shirt/jeans that look great on the rack, but after you put them on? Yeah. This is more than that – this didn’t fit his person/spirit.

13. [Talk about stones in pocket/size difference between me – Macy – Bryan.]

14. So, David gets his slingshot and five stones. Why five? Well, there are a couple of possible reasons:
a. In Hebrew tradition, five was the number of grace.
b. Possible David took the other four stones to either attack the rest of the army while the Israelite army joined the battle – he was so confident that God was on his side, he was ready for the next phase of the battle.

15. So – David said he would not fight with judgment, but with grace.

16. He even fought while running at full force. Ever tried to eat while walking? Try it while running. Have to slow down to change songs on iPod while running – no way I could get a rock out of a bag, place it in the slingshot, whirl it around my head, and then aim and fire. (PICTURE TWO)

17. Goliath was armored everywhere except his head – the only vulnerable spot. God’s grace can work past all our armor, the stuff we put up around us, and hits us where we need to be hit.

18. God does not strike/hit us in our weaknesses – doesn’t pick on us like a bully – hits us where He knows it will have the most impact.

19. What I find interesting is that twice it’s mentioned that this HUGE guy’s shield bearer was walking in front of him. Like people who judge always keep that extra bit of armor/emotional protection in front of them. Taunt behind something that’s not really needed.

20. How we’re supposed to interact with other people – like I spoke about three weeks ago – deal with/associate with people who aren’t Christians – it’s easier and better to love, to show grace to them like we’ve been shown.

21. Too often, we are represented by that armor (brass – in tone and in texture) because that’s what other people have been shown a “Christian” is.

22. Too often, we find it easy to sit behind that armor and judge instead of showing grace. Not that we are to not stand for the things we are called to stand for – don’t think that.

23. Easier to judge than to forgive.

24. Turn one page over to I Samuel 16:7

25. How easy would it be for us to judge someone because we don’t see that change in them we think we should see.

26. Not called to charge to war. Not called to run and attack.

27. We’re just called to throw the stones. To throw grace. Let God get in the opening, not you.

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