Monday, August 13, 2007

If bad things really do happen in threes...

It's Monday. Monday the 13th.

This is, of course, much worse than a Friday of the same date.

Not only did I not fall asleep until about 6:30 this morning (waking up at 7:45)...not only did I spill coffee on myself on the way to work (for which I was only about 10 minutes late; God bless having no hair -- it makes showering so much easier and time efficient)...and not only did I not get a chance to eat anything except for a sample box of dry Fruit Loops on the way to the office...


If this day doesn't improve, I feel the need to just declare today a mistrial and go home, put on some pajamas, and just watch some really goofy TV.

Not that the day so far is bad, per se,'s gonna be one of THOSE days.

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