Friday, September 21, 2007

24 + 9 + 30 + 11 = raised eyebrows

Time for two big revelations.

The first has been reported elsewhere. Not that this directly affects my life in any way because - you know - he and I are such good friends, but the announced return of Tony Almeida to FOX's series 24 has pretty much caused me to either be REALLY excited about this twist, or to start looking for the trampoline or pogo stick the producers are using to constantly jump over this specific shark of a show. I mean, I loved the first half of last season of 24, but I'm starting to wonder of the Lost guys have it all figured out right with a set beginning-middle-end in sight for a TV series. 24's not lost its full steam, but there were some major stumbles last year that they need to overcome.

Now. With the obligatory geek stuff now out of the way - the other big announcement?

On Sunday, September 30, I will be stepping out of the role of Associate Youth Pastor/Volunteer Staff Associate (or whatever title Bryan wants to assign me this week ) and into the role of -- well, minister at Mosaic Church here in Miami. Kevin, the REAL pastor there, will be out of town that Sunday, and he's asked me to step in and speak that morning.

So. For all the times I ask God to show me what I'm supposed to do with my life...for all the times I ask for guidance and clarity on "am I actually really called to the ministry"...for all the times I start to get frustrated, depressed, and moody over the holding pattern my life feels to be in...looks like it's time yet again for God to pull those shenanigans in my life that make me smile and laugh at myself in that He really DOES want to give me the best, what I ask for, and clarity and guidance in my walk on this planet.

And yes. Plans are afoot to record the sermon, either in audio and/or video format. So, I might just get YouTubed. Just a warning.

...and an invitation to anyone who wants to attend...

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