Friday, September 07, 2007

MICRO-MYTHBUSTING: A miniature missive

What can I say? The subject line is apparently alliterative just for fun.

ANYWAY -- the latest in the theological thought email trail (WHAT is UP with my rhyming/alliteration today?!?) is quoted below. Granted, this is in NO way as deep, meaningful or insightful as the first email exchange -- and this is due thanks to the
Univision Presidential Debate Forum that the University of Miami is hosting that has had me getting an average of, like, four hours of sleep a night. For the last week. Working from 7:00 am until 2:00 am for three consecutive days WILL wear you out.

On to the fun; the original question, as quoted below:

...I am working on this week's talk/Myth as we speak - ³If I Follow Jesus, He Will Nvr Give Me MORE Than I Can Handle²I believe rather sometimes He gives us the Gift of TOO MUCH to teach us to LET GO...LEAN on OTHERS...and take a LEAP of Faith towards HIM

And my response (Mosaic Miami? Shane Claiborne? Two institutions that are rocking my world and redefining my thoughts, both of whom have influenced sharply my response below):

Thanks for the kind words, cap'n. Kinda makes ya think I might actually BE cut out for this "ministry" stuff after all, don't it?

Quick thoughts re: this week's topic (ask BR as to why I've been so slammed this week -- I've been working with the US Secret Service on campus - I actually have gov't credentials and clearances now)

- Psalm 104:14-15. THAT is what God has granted us. We often talk in the metatextual about the life that God gives us, but how many times do we actually look The world around us as what we've been given as a gift and a challenge to sustain and maintain.

- God tends to mock what we think of as our strengths by instead using our weaknesses as how and where to drive the point home. Not mock in a "dude, you suck" way, but in the lesson -- the HARD lesson -- that parents often let their children go through and the kids think the parents are mocking or making fun of them by letting them suffer. Look at Paul - 2 Corinthians 2 - might it just be that instead of always looking at the situation as "I'm getting more than I can handle," we should look at whatever is thrown our way as a challenge to our weaknesses to (a) keep us humble (Paul could have boasted, but instead was reminded of his feet of clay) and (b) God has ALWAYS used the foolish things of the world (servant, not a leader; the gift of the widow versus the millions given with no heart) to drive the point home.

- when you and I have coversations with God and he begins to show you the life you are meant to live, it will TERRIFY you. It should terrify you. Give all you have to the poor? Leave your family? Not that everyone is called to take these actions, but if you ARE called to take up your cross, it should be uncomfortable. It's a symbol of death -- which is never comfortable for the dying or for the family it leaves behind -- and it's a symbol of life -- ask any mother who's ever given birth if new life is "comfortable." :)

- think about it like this: ultimately, we as Christians are narcissists. More often than not, we walk into church (or go out into the world) and it's all about us worshipping God, when in fact it should be more about God using the worshipper.

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