Sunday, October 21, 2007

As if one trip to the pulpit wasn't enough...


So, this coming Sunday (October 28, 2007), I have been asked to Mosaic Church here in Miami.

I keep trying to come up with some kind of cool phrase that sums up what I'm feeling right now, but nothing's coming to mind. Maybe it's because I'm in a little bit of shock; maybe it's because I'm thinking to myself "What the heck am I going to talk about THIS time?" (I have a few ideas rolling around already; one that seems to fit all but perfectly with what Kevin spoke about this morning); maybe it's because I can't really wrap my mind around the fact that I'm going to actually be doing something that I enjoy.

Maybe it's because I need coffee. ...hey, I've only had three cups today. Give me a break.

And yes. We WILL record this message, because the ususal tech gang WILL be in town this time out.

However, I draw the line at video taping the message. Only because I have friends (and I'm looking at YOU, Mitchell and/or Bryan) who would take great delight in turning anything I tape into an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. ...which would, of course, flatter me beyond words. But I'm just not going to give you the pleasure. :)

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