Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snippets and random thoughts

Nothing of any real substance in the ramblings below; but since this website has started to become more and more frequented by visitors, I figured what the hey - it can't kill me to put a few thoughts down.

* While in spite of the physical distance between us, I will actually be able to HEAR the snickers from some of my friends when I state that I've recently begun reading a book that I voluntarily bought this past weekend: Just Married: What Might Surprise You About the First Few Years by Margaret Feinberg (she who might be more well-known to some of you as the author of twentysomething). Now. Those of you who'd care to mock my decision to read from a female perspective some creative and down-to-earth ideas about how to keep my marriage to Ashley fresh, fun, and full of life...please step forward so that I can smack you upside the head. And then return home so that your respective partners and spouses can smack you as well.

* I've been on some kind of kooky return-to-the-1970's-via-DVD's kick as of late. Between The Challenge of the Superfriends and the live-action The Secrets of Isis -- it's like I'm seven again. I'm also beginning to wonder how in the name of the Almighty that I made it out of my childhood without being MORE socially awkward than I was. I well remember sitting in my PJ's watching these shows (and more; God is keeping me from going just completely nuts and buying up 67,000 DVD's of these collections) on Saturday mornings, all the while eating my Captain Crunch and being mesmerized by the flickering images on the 19-inch TV in the dining room. Why have I been watching these cheese-laden shows? Beats me. Lord knows that the writing on some of the episdoes was HORRIBLE, but there's something charmingly sweet about the innocence of these shows.

* As part of the weekly Life Group at Mosaic, we've been reading/studying the book of Acts. It's neat, because we simply read a chapter in a book of the Bible and then we talk about it as a group - what it means today, drawing parallels from our culture and the culture of the time, and the subsequent completely random and seemingly unrelated tangents that we find ourselves talking about within seven minutes of the conversation starting. While some of you might find this about as exciting as peeling a potato, it's actually...refreshing to sit and just read one chapter of one book and try to look at it as freshly as you possibly can. This week, we're discussing chapter nine, and I think I found about six-seven things in this ONE chapter while reading it this morning that I'd never discovered before. Don't presume that because you may have heard the story told in church before or that you may have had to read the verses aloud as part of a -- pardon the phrase -- "Bible study" that you know the story in question. For those of you who think you've lost any appeal of freshness or desire in reading the Bible -- don't start with something like Genesis and try to read through the whole Bible. Go read the book of Proverbs. Or Philippians. And if possible, don't go it alone. Remember that these stories were told aloud and studied in groups before we all were given little bound and printed copies of them.

* Ashley and I have started a home gathering called "That Thing @ 8:00." We're hosting a group of college kids in our apartment every Sunday night for a study on the Bible, life, coffee (you KNEW that I had to sneak that in here somewhere), and the struggles we ALL go through. This is something we felt pressed to do (and a friend of mine in Athens also suggested this as an idea for me and my ministry-driven self), and after we were approached by a student living in our building (within the same WEEK of our first talking about it)...well, God's got good timing. What can I say?

* This is just a little query to any and all who DO read this page - if anyone DOES log in to see this page -- either through a Google search for my name, Hebrew phrases, or childhood games -- I'm actually interested in learning who all DOES read Ye Olde Kangaroo. So, if you wouldn't mind shooting off an email to the address at the top or by leaving me a and my blogging self would appreciate it.

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