Monday, November 26, 2007

Cue Over the Rhine's "Latter Days"

So, here’s what’s going on down Miami way, for the – like – nine of you who regularly read this thing and like to live vicariously through my life:

On November 17, I celebrated the second anniversary of the tenth annual remembrance of my twenty-fifth birthday. Math majors, you may now commence with the figuring out of my age. As one might guess, this being the first birthday I get to celebrate being away from my family and the first of MY birthdays Ashley & I celebrate as a married couple…yeah. Deep thoughts, deep sighs, and introspection a-plenty.

Tuesday, November 20, Ashley and I played hooky from work and drove to Orlando to go hear Rob Bell speak as a part of his The Gods Aren’t Angry Tour. It was a great chance for us spend some much-needed time away from the office, and I felt…relaxed…for the first time in months. I actually began to feel okay with the way that life is going, and I felt okay with the uncertainty of many, many things that are coming up in Sonnyland.

Thursday, November 22 was – duh – Thanksgiving. Since Ashley was the Residence Coordinator “on call” for the week/weekend, we did not get a chance to travel to go see family and friends for the holiday…and this was the first Thanksgiving that Ash did not spend with her family. We instead helped to host a dinner for the residents of the building we live in that were unable (or unwilling) to travel home for the break. Mosaic hosted a plethora of events for the day that – sadly – we did not participate in. More so by nature of the fact we had this event to prepare for, but also because the aforementioned melancholy ‘tude of Ashley (away from family) and me (my life in transition, blah crap blah).

Friday, November 23 was the day we celebrated being bums. And just to say we took part in the insanity that is Black Friday, we made one (1) trip to Best Buy sometime around 2:00 in the afternoon just to see the chaos (we bought nothing, much to the chagrin of retailers everywhere). I also smirked like an idiot at the victory of MS State over that other college in Mississippi.

Saturday, November 24 we headed off to this HUGE freaking outlet mall about 30 minutes from where we live…where we bought nothing, but we began the process of making our lists and checking them twice. We also ate dinner at a Cracker Barrell (the first one we’d seen since moving here) for a little touch of home. We then went to OUR home to watch the thrill of victory (Auburn) and the agony of defeat (Kansas).

Sunday, November 25 we went out and bought our first REAL six-foot-tall live Christmas tree. I’m waiting for Maggie to either eat the bottom branches of the tree or for Cricket to try and scoot up under the tree skirt and fall asleep.

Today? I’m a little sleepy, a little sad, and a little in need of a roadmap.

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