Friday, November 09, 2007

Much Ado About Nutjob's been a few weeks since the latest update. Things in Lemmonsland have been moderately busy and full of intrigue, mystery, romance...

...wait; I'm confusing my life with the life of Chuck from NBC's new series of the same name (shameless plug, but whaddayagonnado?). My bad.

My life's been comparatively bland; Ashley and I have FINALLY gotten around to framing and hanging some of our wedding photos in our apartment, although we've not bothered to put the 67 jillion other photos in an album. Yet.

I have a beautiful first-degree burn on my left hand from where my ignorant self poured - not spilled; POURED - espresso on it as I was making Ash a latte at home. I think I invented a new language when I started screaming in pain from this.

My birthday is coming up soon, and this has me both melancholoy and sentimental. Growing older stinks.

This weekend, Ash & I are going to go through another round of DVD and book purges. We both feel like we've accumulated too much...junk...and in a move to simplify our lives, we feel the need/desire to unburden ourselves from some of the material possessions we have. So - we'll either give 'em away or sell them on eBay.

My work situation has taken a turn for the comedic, as I (a) have little to no idea what in the name of Mal Reynolds I'll be doing in January for a job, (b) I'm uncomfortably comfortable with that idea (?!), and (c) with every breath I take, I am reminded more and more why office politics give me a headache. And a heartache.

Ashley? Things are going great for her - she's applied for the Ph.D. program at Barry University and for the Ed.D program at FIU. So, soon she will not only have more common sense but also more book sense than me. I can still take her in a game of trivia, though.

See? Noone has missed anything. You may now go back to watching dancing unicorns on YouTube or whatever it is that passes for entertainment in your corner of the world.

Me? It's off to coffeeland for a much needed break.


Crimson Rambler said...

and you're a Yaconelli fan! Hurray!

Crimson Rambler said...

You listed "Messy Spirituality" in your favorite books...

James said...

Dear Slemmons,
Did you get my most recent email? You've been selected as one of my 54 (minus 52) references for Teach For America. Su esposa is my other pick for a reference, so I'm banking 100% on Lemmons. Haha, y'all maybe had no idea I would really take you up on the offer to write references! And I need y'all's coffee order, too... I want to get it in the mail so you can have it by Thanksgiving, so let me know what you want!
And what are y'all's best email addresses? I think I have a yahoo one for you and the Miami one for Ashley.
James "54" Williams

jamesTheRA (at) gmail (dot) com