Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Transcendental post-modern existential ennui

...has nothing to do with what I write here today, but man. That's one catchy title.

So, I'm feeling a tad melancholy. Between my looming upcoming birthday which edges me closer to 40 than to 30...to the, shall we say, moderately unclear status of my employment beginning in January and the wonderful baggage of meaning and purpose in life that this brings...

Y'ever have those days when you want to cry and you can't quite figure out why exactly? Or, you think you know why but you don't know why you want to cry? Or you're just so torn (cue Natalie Imbruglia) that the frustration and mental & emotional stressors are making you lose sleep, unable to focus, and you're emotionally bi-polar?

Kinda like being in love (except for the bi-polar bit), with the difference being that this insomnia and mental anguish doesn't come with a hug.

I just needs ta (a) meditate on the name of this blog (shut up, Bryan), and (b) get Psalm 46:10 and/or the song of the same title by Kim Hill embalzoned on my heart.

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