Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm the WHAT?

I have come not to speak about my Valentine's Day experiences, the first of mine as husband to Ashley (shameless romantic plug), nor to brag about the cool toy she got me.

Instead, lemme share this little tidbit: so, today being the day of hearts, flowers, candy, and gym membership renewals after eating all the aforementioned candy, the University of Miami branch of Campus Crusade for Christ was passing out these little cards in the breezeway outside the student union where I currently work. They're a little bigger than 3x5 index cards, and one side just says "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - Much Love, Campus Crusade for Christ UMIAMI" and the opposite side reads this little quote from I Corinthians 13. Stylistically, it's a cool little promo piece, and it looks good.

So, when the student worker who handed this to me, I thought she was showing it to me strictly from an aesthetic standpoint. As in, "Hey, graphics boy, you'll appreciate the way this looks."

Instead, what she said - in a VERY uncharacteristic non-sarcastic tone - was, "I thought you might be interested in this, seeing as how you're like the spiritual leader of the office."

Abdubaduhunh? I'm the heywhatsaynow?

Sometimes...God just does stuff that amazes me and throws me for a loop, reminding me of where I am, and why I'm here...even when I don't want to be where I am, He's showing me the purpose ((c) and TM 2008 Rick Warren) in why I am here at this time.

It just made me smile a little today...

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