Monday, February 18, 2008


In part one of this little missive, we learned of what I have lovingly called “The Journey” of getting set up for the Leadership Summit, and to be able to present on “Spirituality and Leadership.” Oh, but if only had I know that the journey was going to be in some ways the easiest part of this all…

So, after I emailed my cohort to say I was willing and able to present, I waited to hear back from her to get the all-clear, so that I could in fact start researching the topic. See, while I was fairly sure that I knew quite a bit about both leadership and spirituality, I wanted to make certain that I could – and would! – sound more or less intelligent when I presented on them as a joined idea. I mean, I was fairly well-versed on leadership development, and since spirituality is…well, let’s just say it’s a hobby of mine, I knew that I had enough heart material to present on, but I wanted to make this as intellectual as I could. I built into my “research time” a buffer so that I would have puh-lenty of time to tailor this thing to the exact specifications that I wanted – thus, why I first emailed her before Christmas break. I thought, if nothing else, the opportunity to claim the need to do research would afford me some reading time away from the lunacy that can be “family time” during the period that Ash & I would be on the road and away from Miami.

So…I waited. And waited. But, word never came if my proposal was accepted. So, I didn’t get to have a very nerdy holiday season after all. (This is, however, a partial lie – go on and ask me how many episodes of Doctor Who I wound up watching…).

Fast-forward to January 3, 2008. Everyone is back from the holidays, the office is back open…and I still haven’t heard one peep out of the cubicle behind me to let me know if I was presenting on Spirituality & Leadership, or even anything else…

January 7: the word comes in. She has okayed my proposal. Now I can begin the researching and writing in earnest. Which I do…for two solid days.

Now, at this point, I feel I need to explain something. The sheer, simple fact that I was about to embark on working on something I was passionate about, something I cared about, something that energized me…those of you who have worked closely with me in the past know “that look” that I get. Wendi, my former GA, can still probably mimic the giddy, cackling noises that emanate from me when I get excited…HAPPY excited. I was finding purpose in my job, I was glad to be taking part in something work-related, and really, for the first time since starting this job, I felt like I was glad to be here, like I was glad to be a part of what was going on, and I was being fulfilled by my work.


Should’a known THAT wouldn’t last long…

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