Thursday, May 15, 2008

A slice of life weekly (weakly?)

And here’s your once-weekly little dollop of information about what’s going on in Sonny’s (and Ashley’s) life:

* We got a new TV set. Rather, the University of Miami got a new TV set, and we’re the caretakers of it. A Sony - BRAVIA 40" 1080p 120Hz Flat-Panel LCD HDTV. And – of course – to go with it, I just HAD to buy a new DVD player (especially since the one I’d had for the better part of a decade was dying quite rapidly – it was not reading discs and the remote was breaking in half), so I got a Sony DVP-NS700H/B 1080p Upscaling DVD Player so that I could watch my DVD’s in beautiful, Hi-Def glory. Yes. I am re-watching every single thing I own on DVD. Why do you ask…? (Daily viewings of Serenity and/or The Lord of the Rings Trilogy can be arranged by contacting the email address at the top of the page.)

* We got a new couch. Again: the University of Miami got a new couch, and we’re the caretakers of it. The one that was in the apartment that was supplied by UM when we moved in here was stuffed with down feathers, and Ashley is allergic to them. So, we go a new couch. A Pottery Barn Pearce 4-Piece Chaise Sectional with Wedge. (Go on and Google it – you know you want to.)

* Of the 3.5 known potential job offers out there, Ash & I sat down and talked about them all late last week, and she helped me to eliminate one for certain and possibly the half job referred to since it’s only half-conceived) as well. We’ve gone over our finances (a fun experience for all married folks, kids!), and we’re not TOO worried right now. I MIGHT be announcing a part-time job in the next few days – but it will depend on if the money for the position comes in.

More than anything else, we both know that the next job/career I take needs to be something that I am happy with. Something that gives me fulfillment, and doesn’t make me angry, continually stressed/frustrated, unfulfilling, and/or something that does bring me a sense of doing something that matters. We talked a lot about how we have changed (individually and collectively) since moving here – and not all for the positive. I’ve felt the me-ness of me slipping away in the last few months, and I need to re-center myself. I think this is the opportunity and opening that God has wanted to provide me with to refocus, re-discover me, and to – dare I say it? – relax.

* Been reading The Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster, and it’s messing with my mind. But in a good way. And it’s been reminding me/convicting me of what all I need to be doing that I don’t do on a regular basis.

* Next year (2009) will be my 20-year high school reunion year. Yes, the Internets be connecting up all us old alumni quite well – check out or the main page of for more information and probably some incriminating photos fairly soon.

* Ashley and I tried to hang a dart board on our outside wall last night. Whatever you’re imagining is not nearly as funny as the actual attempt.


Unknown said...

If you like "Celebration of Discipline," you might like Brent Bill's "Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment." Richard Foster says, "Brent Bill has written one of the finest books on discernment and divine guidance that I have seen in a very long time."

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