Thursday, June 26, 2008

FOR 6-25: An Update on the Update

  • Okay - so I tried to be all culturally savvy and emotionally poignant and make a reference to FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. That should've been STEEL MAGNOLIAS instead. Whatever. It was meant to be a reference to a movie showing strong Southern women. You GOT the reference, even if the movie used as a inspiration to illustrate the strong, Southern woman was initially wrong. Cut me a small amount of slack - I'd written that after watching an episode of the new DOCTOR WHO, so just be glad I didn't call my mom a Dalek.
  • For those of you who've asked, the names of my family are Henry (dad), Patsy (mom) and Lea Anne (sister). 
  • THE REAL UPDATE- WHAT THE MRI SHOWED: yesterday afternoon, my dad was wheeled out for an MRI, and the results showed that there has been NO spread of cells to an other areas, so for now, the cancer is "isolated" in his lung. This is REALLY good news. This afternoon, he's scheduled for a PET scan, and following that, the oncologist will be coming in to talk treatment with him.
  • FOR LAUGHS - so, my cousin, who is an allergist in Tupelo, gave my dad a call phone yesterday, so that he could have one in his hospital room and my mom could just keep the one that they currently share. So, my cousin gave my technophobe dad an iPhone (!?!) to use. Other than causing an insane surge of jealousy in me (not really, but my eyes did bulge when I heard what he got), it also made me laugh when hearing from my sister how she was going to have to train him to use it. THAT would be worth flying home TODAY just to watch. :)

Thanks for all the emails, comments, and beautiful, inspirational messages that I've gotten as of late. They have all helped more than you can possibly imagine. 

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