Thursday, July 03, 2008

New month, new posting, new updates...

Sorry for the drop-off in updates about my dad; Ashley's mom just left us this morning after staying with us (for six days) and this past Sunday, I spoke again at Mosaic here in Miami (and the notes are conveniently located just below this message...) - so things have been a little on the moderately hectic side.

In brief: dad is home. He came home Tuesday night about 6:00 pm (CST) and unless something changes, he'll be at home for the foreseeable future. He has also begun his radiation treatment - this will run for 21 weekdays (they don't do treatments on the weekend). After this, he will begin approximately 5 months of chemotherapy, depending on how the radiation treatments take.

They have confirmed that it is non-small-cell based (which is good). Up until yesterday (before the first radiation treatment), his appetite was coming back, and his general attitude was positive, if not a little upbeat (he even laughed when I asked him if he'd be back at work by 8:00, or if he'd allow himself to sleep in a little and just go in at 9:00).

Me? I've had an interesting conflict of emotions over the last 24 hours - most of which I don't even know what to name right now, let alone write about. I need to let things settle in my mind - and be seasoned by a pot of coffee - before I can even begin to process...stuff.

Again, you have no idea how much the notes/emails/videos/etc. have meant to me. You guys have given me a wellspring of strength that I have needed to shore me up and to give me something to draw from when Ashley and I go home to Tupelo (in a little over a week) to help around the house. You al have proven that while it might be weak in other aspects, the economy of love and friendship ain't goin' into the red anytime soon.

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