Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay -if things happen in threes...

To the delight of my parents and my checking account, I have now found gainful employment. – well, it’s at east what some might codify as more legitimate employment than anything else my creative self might be engaged in…

As some of you may recall, at the end of this past academic year, I made the conscious decision to not continue my employment in the Butler Center for Service and Leadership, due in no small part to the fact that the Powers-That-Be couldn’t decide if they wanted to make the job permanent, and I was tired of waiting on them. So, after careful, prayerful and caffeinated consideration, I chose to take a leap of faith out in to the vast unknown and strike out on my own, hoping that I would land on my feet.

UNKNOWN to me at the time, God was going to use this time of Sonny-as-quasi-relaxed-bum to let me just settle in to a chill groove of learning to be still and listen in preparation for the news that my dad has cancer. …because let’s be frank: those of you who know me know that I am somewhat on the intense side, somewhat high energy and somewhat driven. Therefore, had I been employed in a position at the time that fed into my natural tendencies when this emotional blow was dealt to me…yeah. It probably would have not put me in a good place emotionally, mentally, spiritually – you name it, and really, I would not have been able to be there (as much as my distance-limited-self was anyway) for my family as much as I was. You can either chalk this up this whole out-of-employment experience to God telling me “I know what I’m doing; trust Me” or just karmic synchronicity. I know which way MY heart falls.

Plus, it’s not as if I’ve been sitting on my butt just watching DVD’s all the time. (…well…) I now have two notebooks full of ideas, themes I’ve written, articles waiting to be polished and published, and really just feeding into the artist’s heart that beats inside of me. It had been FOREVER since I just took the time to write, and I found out FAST that there were a lot of ideas just backlogged in me, waiting to be let out and given shape. Some of them may wind up as sermons. Some of them may wind up as a chapter in a book. Who knows? What I do know is this: the time I spent to write taught me that I should never, ever let that much time pass between when I let my creative side be given a voice. It’s just not healthy. And it’s just not right to deny myself that part of my personality.

So. My new job.

I am now the Academic and Career Advisor in Residence (ACAR) for the Mahoney and Pearson Residential Colleges. Yes, this is the building I live in. My daily commute just got cut down drastically. I am also (eventually) going to be coordinating the process of all Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships at UM (things like the Rhodes, Marshall and Fulbright Scholarships, for example), working with under-served populations to get their applications and materials ready. This also means I am now no loner working in Student Affairs. I am now working in Academic Affairs, serving in the Office of Academic Enhancement.

For some of you, that sentence will mean nuttin’. For others – it will induce a Keanu Reeves-like “Whoa…” when you read it. If you get it, you understand the jaw-dropping-ness of it. If you don’t get it – just understand it’s kinda big stuff in the world I live in.

In other news – my dad is doing well. He’s enjoying the fleece pullover Ashley and I sent him (the radiation treatments have left him with a tendency to get chills…in July…in Mississippi…) and he apparently puts it on before his afternoon nap. He’s gained a little weight (I owe him five lottery tickets – see the previous post to explain that), and he seems to be in good spirits. Now, all we have to do is hope for the best after he meets with his oncologist in a little over a week.

There are some other kinda sizeable things on the wind…but they’ve not blown this way just yet. I can see them on the horizon, and as soon as they arrive…you’ll feel the tremors of them wherever you live. TRUST me. One or two things that will make a few of you laugh, one or two things that will make some of you think I’ve gone utterly mad, and one or two things that will need to be traded, grin for grin and tear for tear.

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Anonymous said...

Great news!!!

and I hope you know that I am always willing to trade you...
grin for grin and tear for tear.