Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just a few warning shots over the bow

Tomorrow (8-7-08) we start RA (Resident Assistant) and AF (Academic Fellows) Training.  "What," you may ask yourself, "the heck is an 'AF?'"  The AF's, my kind people, are the lovely group of residential student staff members whom I shall be working with this coming year.  What they do and why we need them will be the point of this year's I can have a more concrete answer to the whole AF conundrum in about 14 days.  

Yes.  The Training Schedule is 14 days long.  My colleagues from UGA just fainted.

Please don't ask what the training schedule looks like and entails.  It reminds me of my first year at UGA, which in part explains why I am up before 5:00 EST and drinking gallons of coffee.  Not enough people know what the reference to my first year at UGA means, so I feel safe in mentioning it here.  Maybe one day, when you're older, I'll let you know.  

So, because of Training, updates will come with tiny little bumps (if at all), so here are a couple of quick and fast notices:

- my dad starts chemotherapy on Friday for 4-6 months (depending on how his body takes it and reacts).  That is literally all that I know right now, so questions about the type, what his bloodwork showed after the radiation treatments, etc. will be kind of lost on my at this time.  I'm so frazzled that right now, all I remember is that chemo starts Friday.  My mom is uncharacteristically optimistic, so that's a good thing.

- how do I like my new job?  Ask me in a month, after I've started to get a handle on what all the crap it entails.  Every day opens a new door, and some times I like what I see on that other side.  Other times?  Eh.  Still...

- save your money and don't go see The X-Files movie if you're expecting anything X-Files-esque.  

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Nathan said...

At times like these, it's good to remember that you are gainfully employed, your dad is getting some of the best care in the world, and your friend in Tx. is suffering through TWENTY-ONE days of high school band camp in the Tx. heat, which we were told would be a dry heat, until we found out we live an hour from the coast! We're praying for you.