Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shovel go deep, heart be true...

Okay, peeps; here’s the deal…

I have been writing legitimate work-related things for the last week, and in all honest, I’ve been too written-out to even THINK about posting on this monster for the past week. I have 1-2 more days worth of work-related writing (all the while reminding my boss that he should be INSANELY thankful he does not pay me by the word), and after that? It’s back to the cool ideas/themes that have been dropping into my mind during the past week or so.

As a teaser trailer, here’s a smattering of the themes/topics I’ll be journaling about, to eventually translate to the Windshield. The final product may vary, but these ideas will at least be evident in some way:

  • Why Amos is my new favorite prophet
  • The fear of worship
  • “It’s like Thursday night at a youth camp.”
  • Pink Floyd and Egypt
  • Growing in/going out

Yes, If you read correctly, that’s at least five deep thoughts to be explored in the month of October.  Odds are at least one of 'em will find their way into a sermon-ish thing the next time I speak at Mosaic, so I might hold one of them off on the blogging front.  

But the other four?

Yep. This is gonna be fun.

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