Friday, November 07, 2008

[insert witty blog title here]

What an amazing time has been had by all these last two weeks. And by “amazing,” I mean utterly, positively insane.

The University of Miami decided I apparently needed neither an email account nor a cell phone, and subsequently deleted them both. I am still in the process of trying to recover all the emails sent/saved from the last six months. And because my UM-funded CrackBerry was tied into my account here, I also have managed to lose e-v-e-r-y email address and phone number saved in my phone. Thanks, UM! Oh – and did I mention that they also shorted my last paycheck by over 25%?

Makes y’kinda think this might be a sign, no?

As if the work-related issues weren’t interesting enough, my personal life has taken on some fun tests as well: finding out about the sex of mine and Ashley’s first kid (and yes, I have begun looking for a baby-sized Tom Baker scarf and a plush Dalek; don’t worry if you don’t get the references) has brought about a slew of new challenges. Key among these new head scratching problems is what to name the critter, but also we’re trying to figure out what the devil we’re going to in terms of decorating the back bedroom and storing all the stuff currently in there. Miami, not surprisingly, isn’t the best location in the world for climate-controlled storage and/or safe places above what one might refer to as a flood zone or somewhere within the “strike zone” of a hurricane.

And then, there’s my dad.

I won’t go in to a lot of details, but tomorrow morning (Saturday, November 8), I am catching the first flight out of Miami to go home. There have been numerous issues with his blood pressure, issues with dehydration, issues with his oxygen levels…I’m not one to be a doomsayer, but I am going home WAY earlier than I thought I would be.

My laptop will me making the venture home with me, so I might be able to update from the airports (hello, Detroit and Memphis!). I might be able to update from home (hello, Tupelo!). I at least hope to be able to get back to covering the remainder of the musings that have been pre-empted by life and that whole need-to-work-for-money-for-food.

And I will do my darndest to make sure the next entry isn’t, like, 47 pages long or something, which I felt I did in my previous post. Sadly, I could have gone on for longer because of what I wanted to write about, but I swerved at the last minute. Partially because if I had, that entry would have been longer than 5/8 of the actual Internet itself (which would have deterred many ADHD readers from getting through the thing – not that I think anyone besides me and maybe Ashley read this blog. I could be totally wrong, and please feel free to email me and tell me so if I am), but also partially because there were two totally different trains of thought that emerged when I was writing my previous post.

So. Please keep me (for travel purposes), Ashley, Unnamed Baby Lemmons, Maggie (who is still grieving the loss of her “sister” a month ago), my dad, mom and sister in your thoughts/prayers. And if so inclined to do so, please feel free to drop a line to the address listed above.

Sometimes, it’s just good to see a friend’s name in your Inbox. Or even the name of a total stranger – well, one who isn’t claiming to be the Emir of Gingivitisalvania and wants me to wire them money or something…


Linzyann said...

Hey, you're totally wrong. Just so you know. I'm here, reading, laughing, smiling, and praying. And praying, and praying. Traveling mercies to you, and love to your dear wife as well. (And thanks to my hubby I get some of the references, haha!)

Andysbethy said...

I totally don't get the references... but that's okay. Safe travels. Know that I am here, lurking in the background. Keep writing... I'll keep reading, and asking for blessings.

Dot said...

I GET THE REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)