Friday, February 13, 2009

Anyone else notice today's date?

  • I spilled coffee this morning. Not just on the coffee table, and not just on the carpet. The mug also took a full on swan-dive straight towards and splashed onto Ashley's foot. THANKFULLY, I had been nursing this mug of joe for a while and it was absolutely not hot, it was, however, sticky and annoying.
  • Serenity - my 1999 VW Jetta (named in tribute to Firefly, as all my fellow Browncoats will note) - has been towed to the local Midas, because the battery is dead, dead, dead. As in, "won't even bloody turn over" dead. (Update as of 4:00 pm EST: so, turns out the decade-old Jetta has more than a battery problem. I'm just going to smile, pay the stinking bill when I pick it up...tomorrow..., think about what this breaks down in a cost analysis over the last ten years, and think about how much safer to drive the bloody thing will be once Unnamed Baby Lemmons gets here).
  • My latest sermon (the text of which is quoted below) is up and at iTunes for anyone who is just crazy enough to want to download/listen to it. While I'd grade myself with a solid "B" on it - considering that I wrote the darn thing at 4:00 in the morning before I was supposed to deliver the sermon at noon that day? I sound utterly sleep deprived and slightly out of it. Pittman? I want a do-over.
I'm sure as the day progresses, I'll add another bullet point or two.


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