Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wish I had a WAV file of the 24 countdown clock

I would SO have that thing playing in the background every time someone open this page up...

Here's what we know about Unnamed Baby Lemmons:

* Ash and I go back to the doctor tomorrow (Wednesday) if the little critter hasn't decided to go ahead and take the initiative to come out on his own;
* We will on Wednesday discuss the options of inducing if needed; and
* He has dropped, dropped, dropped - is head-first and ready to come out. Apparently, the mixed genetic heritage of doing things ON time (a gift from me) and doing things on his OWN time (a gift from mom) is causing a bit of confusion in his little noggin and he can't quite decide the best time time to introduce himself to the world.

We (oh, who am I kidding - this will be totally up to me) will be updating here and on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, texting, emailing...everything shy of skywriting so that everyone knows the status.

Just because it's been quiet? It's because it HAS been quiet.  :)

More to come later...


Linzyann said...

Ok, so I'm guilty. I have to admit I have been checking here, your facebook pages, and Twitter every day. Just in case. Due date is Saturday, right? Hang in there. His OWN time will be perfect!

Andysbethy said...

I have been moving out of my house, (which means insanely busy) and still stalking... just in case I missed an update somewhere. Good times are coming!