Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Snippets and wandering thoughts

  • I have gone to the Dark Side. I broke down and bought a Blu-Ray Player. -- and yes, this means that I did not have one before now. Somewhere, fellow geeks are weeping and gnashing their teeth. On their braces.
  • I have a Blu-Ray Player, but no discs yet. Such is my life.
  • We're at T-minus three weeks before Unnamed Baby Lemmons gets here. My first Blu-Ray may be Baby Einstein or something. Because he'll NEED to see it in high-def.
  • I've been listening to U2's No Line on the Horizon for almost seven hours straight. It's keeping me grounded.
  • What does it say about me that my day has partially consisted of me finding relief from my stress by taking individual sheets of paper, placing them in the paper shredder, and thinking about someone's name as the paper gets all chewed up? Is this the office version of a voodoo doll?

I'm hoping by the weekend to post something shiny and happy on here. But for now? I'm just tired, frustrated, defeated, and in need of a quiet break. I'm looking forward to the cries of a newborn baby as something to GIVE me a quiet break.

These recent days have cast a long, cold shadow. Thankfully, a shadow is just a sign that the sunrise is nearby...

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